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My Sister Site

Gifts we have exchanged

My Gal Pal
Gifts we have exchanged
More Gifts We've Exchanged
SigTags from Amanda

I found "Becky" at Amanda's - Can you????

This was a wonderful surprise from Amanda!!!

Happy Birthday Bab'!!!!!

Halloween gift from my girl ....

This page is a work in progress but it is dedicated to my site-sister and one of my best friends. We share a connection that goes beyond this key-board, beyond paper and beyond miles. Her heart is pure and loving. She is one of God's dedicated people. There are few people left on this earth who I truly trust - she is one of them and I know, no matter how far apart we are - no matter how long time goes by ... she has my back and I have her's - forever we are sister's at heart. Amanda - you are my blessing and I know you were sent to me from God - I love you sweetie - and know I'm hugging you always - This site is all about you - enjoy!!!!!